5 Steps to Instagram Magnetism

What makes some Instagram accounts so successful and others fall like a lead-bellied lemur? Instagram might seem like a fun and fluffy platform, but there are most definitely some dos and don’ts in getting it working for your business. Here’s a blueprint for getting your account set up to attract your ideal client, and keep them close.

Check out your competitors
There will be people from your industry using Instagram already, some better than others. Spend time researching them and working out who you admire. Who’s most successful and what are their most successful posts? Can you identify what it is that works well? Once you’ve got a sense of what it is they’re doing, emulate them. Don’t copy them, you need to create a brand identity and voice all of your own. But make use of their success to position yourself well.

Research your existing clients
Whatever your competitors are doing, the most important people to watch are your clients. What is it they are interested in? Who else do they follow and what sort of posts do they engage with? What does this research tell you? If need be, tweak how you present things so you’re more tuned-in to what your clients are following.

Who cares?
Instagram can open a whole new world of clients for you. Your worth holds value to someone out there – quite probably many people. It’s simply a matter of finding them and sharing with them.  These people may be location or interest specific, or a particular demographic. Take time to segment your market and figure out where they are.

Seek feedback (and act on it)
Pay attention to feedback from your customers and clients. What is it that they most value about what you know, do, say, give, make or share?  Feedback is one way to discover your worth. I’m lucky – as a trainer people give me feedback all the time. If you don’t get direct feedback very often, you can find it in a couple of ways. Engagement is a form of feedback – people liking or commenting on your posts is a form of positive feedback!

The other thing you can do is ask. You can use contests to do this in a fun way: “What should I call this latest design?” or get people to submit their own content under a hashtag related to your brand. Whenever you get feedback, act on it. Constantly refining your offering based on what your followers have told you, either directly or indirectly, is key to keeping them keen.

Get personal
Everything you post should be valuable to your clients. But it doesn’t have to be related to your business all the time. It can appeal to them more broadly too. For example, on my own feed, I offer free tips and actions that followers can go away and implement to improve their own accounts. And people find that helpful for their business.

I also post pictures, quotes and truths that resonate with me, that aren’t directly to do with social media or business. But they do hold meaning, and they’re the sort of thing that my followers find meaningful too – so they build more connection between us as people. And in a highly competitive marketplace, people will always do business with people they like and trust. So don’t forget to make use of Instagram to remind your followers of who you are and what you stand for, too.