5 Steps to proving your worth on Instagram

Instagram is not all pretty pink chair and fluffy rugs
but a bit of eye candy won't hurt

How can you prove your worth on Instagram?

Let’s firstly take a look at what NOT to do

I’m going to put this out there.  Instagram images that are all about making money make me wanna puke.  You may have seen them – a celebrity picture that has little or nothing to do with the quote or a really expensive car.  The photo will be garish with yellow or red writing.  Seriously - red writing – just don’t!  Instagram is not a horror movie.  There will be copious dollar signs and possibly a behind the scenes shot of some geezer smoking a cigar.  This is a masterclass in how NOT to provide worthy content.  It’s bullshit and will attract bullshitters.

How do I know what’s worthy then?

1.       Research competitors’ pages. Research your competitors and people you admire.  Work out what are their most popular posts. Emulate them.  I said emulate, not copy.

2.       Research your clients existing clients / customers. What else do they follow? What else do they like? What do they engage with?  Give them more of what they want.  This may mean tweaking your services or products or the way you present them.  Go with what is most popular and do it really well.

3.       Feedback. Pay attention to feedback from your customers and clients. What is it that they most value about what you know, do, say, give, make, share, etc?  Feedback is one way to discover your worth. I’m lucky – as a trainer people give me feedback all the time. Face to face, real time feedback (that tends to be the positive stuff!).  The stuff that people respond positively to, provides me with content.

4.       Work out who are you valuable to? Your worth holds value to someone – or many. It’s simply a matter of finding the people who need what you currently know or have or do or create – and then sharing it with them.  These people may be location dependent or a particular demographic. Take time to segment your market and figure out where they are.

5.       Acid test. Is what you’re about to post extrinsically or intrinsically worthy?  Example from my own IG feed – extrinsic worth are the free tips and actions that followers can go away and implement to improve their own accounts.  It’s business-related. It’s social media related. A follower can take it and use it and I’m ok with that.  Posts with intrinsic worth are quotes, meaningful statements and truths.  They will make your followers stick.  If you take time to create content that holds meaning, that is worthy in itself and people recognise that.