6 Easy Methods That Will Dramatically Improve Your Blogging Success

1.       Do your competitor research. Spend some time on Google finding out which of your competitors’ blogs are reaching the top spots. There’s a good reason why those blogs end up at the top of the search rankings!  If you’re at a starting point with your blog, seek to emulate their content. At least you know it will drive some content to your site.

2.       Produce at least 10 blogs per month to drive enough fresh relevant traffic to your website.

3.       Don’t go it all alone! Whether you need to hire a writer with experience of SEO and online marketing or whether it’s just a case of getting someone to cast an eye over your blog to prevent mistakes, make sure there are at least 2 of you on the job.

4.       Check that a link to your business blog can be found from your home page. Easily. You won’t even believe me that many companies fail to do this, but it’s true.  If your readers can’t find your blog, you’re missing vital clicks!

5.       Know your audience. Oh gosh yes, you’re like “I ALREADY KNOW THAT! I did English at school.” But get deeper with it because this matters.  Do you really know your customers and know what makes them tick? What emotions do they connect with? Give them that. Get to know them. When your audience reads your blog, they have to know you and feel like they want to know you more.  So yes, engage a blog writer to help with your blogging.  But make sure you give them LOADS of information about what your customers like about your company and what they want more of.  If you’re unsure – ask them!

6.       Make it conversational. Like you’re having an actual chat with the reader.  Blogging is intentionally informal.  Imagine yourself genuinely having a chat with the reader.  Like you’re sitting down having a cuppa, looking them in the eyes when you’re talking.  Like their ears can hear your voice.

There is a lot more to blogging than this but following these 6 simple steps will ensure you are well on your way to blogging success.
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