Fearless personal tweeting: how to attract the right Twitter followers

Basically the answer is always, be yourself

I know lots of business owners who are scared of Twitter. It moves so quickly, how can you be smart in so few characters and crucially – how on earth to get the followers you want…
It all seems too much effort to bother with a personal account alongside a business one.
Here’s the thing. You can relax about it. The secret to success in running your personal Twitter account and growing your following lies in BEING YOURSELF.
I talk a lot about social media strategies – the most important one being authenticity.  The joy of this one is that Twitter works best when you’re honest about who you are and what you’re into – it’s the single best way of making relevant connections.
And even better, running your personal Twitter account is a great way to develop your authentic voice and draw like-minded people to you, which is only going to have a positive effect on your business too. Here’s how to do it:
Create an account you care about
Have a think about the issues that matter most to you at the moment.  Make a list and once you’ve got it down to a handful, go ahead and tweet on those topics.
What types of things?  Cooking, art, history, reading, yoga, rock climbing, underwater basket weaving.  I don’t care what it is as long as it’s truthful and that goes for everyone else.
Tweet whatever you like – it’s your account.
Play with your bio
Your profile image, banner image and bio are how people get instant information about you without scrolling through all your tweets. So choose images that reflect your personality and values, and spend some time crafting your bio – mention the main things you’re interested in and are likely to be tweeting about.  You can add hashtags to these or just use words, it doesn’t matter so much as there are many free tools that allow bios to be searchable so people will find you anyway.
It’s okay if you’re a bit quirky too: a recent follower was a retired trapeze instructor.  And, yes, I followed her back and, yes, I’ve remembered her.
So, keep your bio to your main interests (no-one wants to read a list of 50 hobbies, causes and interests) but it’s nothing to worry about if you’re into HR and hip-hop.  You’re a unique blend of wonderfulness just as you are.
Find your followers
So once you’re clearer on who you are and what you’re interested in, it’s time to connect. Finding people is as easy as this – in your Twitter search, type in a hashtag (#) followed by any of the topics you’re interested in.  Read what it brings up.  Like the tweets and articles you connect with (click on the heart to like).
The people who tweeted those tweets then get a notification that you liked what they tweeted. For a mutual connection to take place, they need to be consciously using their Twitter account and to bother with notifications.

They’ll check out your profile and one of three things will happen:
1.  They ignore you. You’re not for them. No problem. Plenty more fish in the sea…
2.  They like your stuff back. Cool. You’re on an even footing of likes.
3.  They follow you or interact with you further. Fantastic, you made a connection.

You’ll need a follow back strategy.  If someone follows me I tend to follow them back unless there’s something about their feed I don’t like (viewpoints I strongly disagree with, for example – you don’t need that in your life).
If you use Twitter how it was intended: to share interesting stuff, learn, and to connect with like-minded people, and if you remember to be yourself, pretty soon you’ll have a fearless Twitter presence you can be proud of!
So be bold and get out there!