Simple Tips to Increase your Interaction on Social Media

If your next action point is increasing your interaction then here are a few tips to help. 
It’s easy to become fixated on growing the number of followers, but doing this alone is no guarantee of online success at all.  The founder of Buffer says about number of followers: “Quality is key. Quantity can’t be forgotten”.
So numbers are important, but stats are not everything.  You have to work on interacting with your key people (mentions, replies, conversations), which increases the quality of your followers and makes it social.
How do you interact?
Ask questions. You could try a mix of general social questions and some that are more pertinent to your business. Use your judgement as you would in face to face conversation.  Twitter is ideal for asking questions as the character limit is short.
Facebook is great for asking questions as people are used to the format of commenting on Facebook.
Who are your key people?
Who do you want to interact with?  Be clear, because the answer will be different for each unique business. It may be customers, influencers, or someone you wish to establish a warm relationship with prior to making a pitch.
In real life, what questions would you like to ask these people in conversation? Let that be your guide to online communication too.
Make sure you know your overall aim in increasing your interactions.  What social media does is mimic real life social interactions but on a grander scale, hence authenticity is vital in all communications.  One aim should always be to get your followers and customers to know you.
Can your Employees & Friends butt in?
Do your employees or connections (or friends for that matter) have accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc?  If so, ask them to like, share, follow, retweet and comment on your posts which will increase interaction and help you get going with conversations.  You could try this out with people you meet this week and see how it goes
e.g. “Great to see you yesterday at the ** event. What did you think of….?”  It’s simple, polite and provides a great opener.
Not exactly high cognitive input to get going this way!
Increase your own online content
If you have a website, are you publishing pages of that website via your social media?  If not, then you’re relying on members of the public finding your web pages and blogs naturally via searches or browsing.  If you want to get your content noticed, you have to put it in front of people’s eyes on a regular basis.  Blogging & having rich content on your web pages is the best way to do this.
If you need help with writing quality blog or website copy, please get in touch.
Be an Informer not a Me-former
Did you know that people who share informative content including content that comes from others, tend to have twice the number of followers of people who just share information about themselves or their own business?
Nobody likes an overload of boasting so all businesses should aim to provide helpful content first and foremost, following which your followers won’t mind a bit of informative promotion after that.
Make sure you have a good mix of related, informative content from your own website and from others.
Any questions on how to do this, what blog posts to write? What headlines will get you the most clicks? Need copy writing for you because you’re too busy?  Then get in touch for any of this!