Sociable not sales pitch - being sociable on social media

For many business, engagement is everything on social media.  It's how to grow an audience for sure.  Those who grow an audience via a sales pitch are probably gathering a following through cynical over-use of hashtags - and whilst that's a strategy, it's not really a long term one for actually getting people to do business with you or to buy your products and services.

Engagement is likes, conversations, shares, retweets and reading the stuff you share - that kind of thing.  Basically taking action.

Bots can like and share your stuff, but as they're not real they can't buy from your business.

Focusing on building an audience of real people who you enjoy being sociable with is the key.

Giving information about what you're up to, where you're going, what you've been doing. All these things are natural sociable activities.

Asking questions of your audience.  Do make sure these are questions you'd ask people in real life (!) and that you're interested in the answers!

Like replies you're given and respond to them.

Adopting the mindset that this is like conversation in real life but played out in an online world is a good one.  All very popular accounts will show a good level of engagement so hop in on some of those first to practice your skills.

Also, no matter how big your account, always join in others conversations to show that you're willing to have conversations with others.  Social media is sociable and a two-way conversation.