What Social Media Training Do You Need?

Not only do there seem to be millions of social media platforms and tools to get your head around, there are also loads of ways to learn about them. So where do you start? Here are some things to bear in mind when considering social media training, plus a run-through some of the most commonly available options.

So, before you book onto a course or hire a consultant, have a think about these three things:

1.      Where are you at now?
Are you a complete novice? Do you have a sense of what’s out there and need help crafting a strategy? Or are you after tactics tips – how to get the best return on investment? Knowing where you are in terms of skills and
understanding will help you work out which training is for you.

2.      What does your company need?
A multi-national law firm is going to have very different needs to a local ice cream parlour: different audiences, channels, tone and voice. Your company will have a brand and audience all of its own, so take the time to think about how you want to position yourself before launching into expensive training you might not need.

3.      Who’s being trained?
If you’re a solopreneur, chances are it’s you! If you’re in a bigger organisation, think about how you’ll manage your social media presence and achieve both consistency and authenticity when several (or several hundred) of you are tweeting away.

Ok, enough with the reflection.  What training options are out there and how do you choose?

Free Online Training
The key benefit to this is up there in the heading – the F-word. Most of what you need to know about developing and implementing a social media strategy is out there, right now, for free. So if you’ve got no budget, or you’re interested in marketing, the good news is that you can start doing your research and getting to grips with it all, gratis.

The downside is obvious, of course – time. The internet’s a big place. But this blog’s not a bad place to start – you’ll find tips for getting started and getting better with twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.

These can be a rich source of information and help, however, they also might not be and you’ll have to sit through an hour’s information to see whether it has any relevance.  In my mind it’s like sitting through a YouTube video and clicking off after 10 minutes, finding another one and doing the same.  It’s easy to give up and think the right training is not out there – but it will be, it’s just finding the right support!

Don’t forget webinars often come with a built in hard sell to join a membership programme or to sign up to something that you might not want.  It can get a bit tedious.  I focus on where you are right now and where you want to be next.  All my training and consultations are tailored completely to your business.

Training workshops
If you know where you want to upskill, training workshops are a good way to go. They’re usually cheaper than a private arrangement and cut through all the research you’d need to do with the DIY free option.  It’s worth discussing your needs with the trainer before booking anything – you’ll get more out for the course or workshop if you (a) trust the trainer knows what they’re doing and (b) have checked out that the course will be pitched at your level (if other delegates are total beginners or experts when you’re looking for something at an intermediate level the trainer’s going to struggle to keep you all happy).

In-house training
Do you want to get more people trained, and make sure that your set up is just right for your brand and audience?  This option is my favourite all round training option – I love getting stuck into all your nitty gritty questions.  We can focus on your own company’s needs and because I’ll already have worked with you around understanding your business and employee needs this training is much faster at getting you where you want to be.

One-to-one consultation
One-to-one consultation can be great for problem solving, or problem identifying.  A consultation is actually just a conversation, usually over Skype, where we discuss your current issues, blocks and discover together a roadmap of how to get from there to where you want to be.  Some companies come for one consultation and resolve their issues right there and then.  It can be such a powerful thing just to touch base with someone who is in the know about the current trends in social media marketing (and wider areas of digital marketing and branding) that this is a very quick and powerful way for companies to check in that their strategy is working – and where possible to learn little tweaks that can have big benefits even in a short timescale.

If you’ve got a specific campaign or business issue that needs a boost, you can achieve real focus and depth with a consultation.

It’s my mission that any conversation will result in my clients leaving with clarity and actionable advice.

If you’re not sure where to start with training, a consultation might be the best bet for getting to the heart of your issues, fast.

So, as you might’ve guessed, I offer the whole range of training formats!

But I’m not into the hard sell – it’s better for my business if I only work with people who want and need my help.

if you feel like you could do with more energy and expertise behind your social media, whether it’s for personal or business branding, just drop me an email and I’ll be happy to arrange an open and honest discussion.