Which social platforms are right for your business?

As I work mainly with larger B2B companies my main social platforms of interest are Twitter and LinkedIn.  However, that’s not to say that there aren’t other channels you can have a go on too.  With my client, The AREA, we are finding that we have a decent following on Instagram too.  It does make sense that a lot of startups and developers who are into technology and may be a younger audience would hang out on Instagram.

It’s all about adapting your content to suit the audience, so on Instagram we tend to do shout outs for our member organizations which sets the scene for the size of our global alliance and gives others an indication of the types of companies they’d be mixing with if they joined The AREA, and we intersperse that with information about events.  The events are open to the public so it’s ideal for a platform like Instagram – we can help attract a global audience through hashtags of locations as well as the technology that will be showcased and discussed.

If you have a business social media presence but you’re unsure about the types of content to share on different platforms (tailored to your business and to the audience you most want to connect with) then do get in touch!  Genuinely, sometimes all it takes is a conversation to bounce ideas off another person i.e. me (!) to get you to the next level in your social strategy!