The brick wall of content creation

Ever felt like this when it comes to content creation?

I've heard people responsible for marketing and content creation admit to the following feelings:

“It’s 4pm and I think sh** I haven’t posted on social media today and I have no idea what to write!”

“My manager thinks I can just produce stuff to post on social media out of thin air but some days I’m just not feeling it. I have 20 emails to work through, someone knocking at my door and a to do list as long as my arm. Social media is the last thing on my mind.”

“The last time I took a photo to post on social media no one smiled. I can’t post this, it will make us look ridiculous."

"Everyone expects you to post happy positive upbeat stuff on social media, but it's not reality to be like that every part of every day. I can't get the words out to sound right."


Relax. Let's think and plan.

We all have off days and too many days when we’re too busy to plan out what on earth to post on social media. In the meantime we're comparing ourselves to other businesses and brands who are nailing it online and posting live videos about how their crushing their business goals, which makes us feel even more like we're failing.

That’s when you need a stock of go-to-happy-sounding posts that will go out and do the work for you whilst you carry on with the humdrum of every day.

There's also huge value in planning your content in advance so that you know you have a stock of decent photos, key messages and your regular calls to action going out even when you're not in the mood to post something original.

If you've hit a brick wall when it comes to your content creation, strategy and scheduling for social media, I can help.  It might be advice or someone to listen and chew over the problem with you to get a strategy sorted, or you may need more practical help with creating a good block of content that can go out while you concentrate on other things that don't involve brick walls.