Welcome to Zebra Consulting Group!

If you’re looking for advice and practical help with your social media marketing or other aspects of digital marketing, you’re in the right place.


Strategic advice and support, whatever your current stumbling block.  Getting you where you need to be faster.  Recommendations and actionable advice for implementing digital plans. Helping you stand out from your competitors. Wherever you are right now with your level of online efforts, we’ll help springboard you to the next level up.

Online Writing

There's a lot of writing to be done these days: website copy, social media copy, blog writing.  I’m a techie with a knack for writing, so I’ll make sure your copy is working hard for you to push you up the search engine lists organically.  Most of all it’s about connecting you properly with your rightful audience and making you and your business sound as close to reality as possible.  I also have skills in tender writing and bid writing so if you're looking for that as opposed to digital marketing copy-writing, do get in touch!

Social media management

**Please note we do not have space for new clients during 2019**

Some businesses genuinely don’t have the time for all the implementation – you’re busy running the business and are sick of staying up till midnight managing social media notifications.  We’ll take the hassle away so you have peace of mind knowing that your social media is planned out properly, implemented and managed with integrity, accuracy and common sense, and you can have as much input as you need and want.  We’ll grow your followers, promote your business, your products, your services and handle all aspects of your online brand and reputation management.