New Year Business Reflection

Not sure about you, but 1st January didn't strike me as being that much different from 31st December. My own new year seemed to kick in around 5th January.

Since then I've been forced into a position of slowing down and reflecting owing to a flare up of my illness again.

I reflected on the client work I’ve done over the past 3.5 years with Zebra.  It’s so good to stop and think and to look back and see how far you've come.

Over 800 articles written and uploaded for *one* client

Over 20 Twitter accounts managed

Some Twitter accounts I managed required at least 10 original tweets scheduling per day with follower audiences of over 200k

Over that time it’s safe to say I have produced A LOT of content and learnt a lot too.  There is much to make of what I know know and where I want to focus my energies on the months to come.

Reviewing past clients

Going over the finances from the previous year also had a profound effect of forcing me into remembering past clients I'd worked with - what went well and the types of clients that were not a good match for me.

It was amazing to realise how many clients I'd worked with, the volume of effort we put in as a team when I was working with others, and to make sense of how those work relationships either came to an end, or continued.

In all cases when I was happy to part company with clients, all those relationships involved some element of clashing values, mainly around imbalances of power and control.  It's sad to see how many entrepreneurs see their role as "getting one over" on another person.

Occasionally what we've been ingrained to view as "entrepreneurial spirit" can become toxic when it involves deep levels of competition and plays out more like a game than an effective work relationship.

I am simply not at a point in my life when any nonsense like that will be tolerated or accepted.  I won't play those games and I will call out behaviours that involve power plays.  Luckily there are many people making great businesses from a place of true authenticity, especially those in helping professions and service.

What's next?

There's a real sense of closing off a chapter for me and I'd highly recommend a period of reflection for business owners (at a point that feels right and makes sense for your business).

So my question to you is that if you run a business, did you pause to reflect and to congratulate yourself on victories won?  Did you observe how far you'd come?

When you're running a business, there can be a sense of needing to be always on the go, always pedalling fast, of wearing many hates and of keeping up.  But, there is so much to be gained from stopping to reflect (perhaps to do a SWOT analysis).  In unpicking your strengths and weaknesses, you may stumble upon a new way of best serving clients moving forward. 

New messages may emerge that can bring renewed energy to your social media, new products or services may emerge based on what you now know (or you may decide on a new pricing structure!)  You may decide it's time to re-assess your typical buyer / client personas to better reflect your current standpoint.   Whatever comes out of your reflections, one thing I recommend is writing it all out - WHY?  Well journalling is a great way to assist the reflection and learning process and to create content while you're at it! 

If you dig deep and really force yourself to be honest about your feelings around your work, you will find your core truths.  From there, consider whether your values have realigned based on lessons learned - it can be a very revealing and rewarding process and best of all, snippets of it can be shared throughout all your marketing efforts on social media.

Stuck with what to write / share?

If you'd like any help with "what to write" for your social media posts (a very common plea for help!) then do get in touch.  I'd love to help you uncover the messages that will help you attract all you desire into your business.