The Long Term game of Social Media

Social media is a long term game.  After a while it can seem a bit samey for any business to keep ploughing ahead with their social media.

Changes happen.  Life happens.  For a while I’ve been pretty neglectful of my own Zebra marketing, and the reasons around that have been many-fold - perhaps some of them may resonate with you.  I was so busy with other work that there was no time to invest in taking care of the business social media account, combined with the fact that I had no space in my diary to serve other clients, so it seemed natural to halt proceedings for a while.

Yet there are dangers in being too absent from social media.  People start to question whether you're still around, and what's happening.  Any potential newcomers would just click away and think if I'm not taking care of my own social accounts, how could I possibly help with theirs?  Oh the irony!

But something deeper was happening too, and it’s something we’re all subject to.  The natural changes of life.  My own life story was changing rapidly, and everything I say about being authentic online suddenly fell by the wayside on my own business social media as I grappled with “where am I now and what do I share?”

It’s not that I stopped being authentic, more like I invested my new-found voice and energy elsewhere.  Business social media wasn’t the right channel to post about the “other stuff” that was going on, and so my authentic outlet became my personal blog and the books I'm writing.

It’s easy to see how social media accounts get neglected. But eventually you have to come back and say, hi, I’m still here.  So hi.  I'm still here.

Now what to share?

When things change, we can sometimes end up re-framing what’s okay to share and what’s not.  What channels should we be on and which are not working? (This is a constant question since developers on our fave platforms are always in the business of changing the interfaces and algorithms).

You may have found yourself asking questions (both on personal and business accounts):

Who are we now?

How do we reposition ourselves?

How to advertise our new services?

Can we still say the same things as before?

How should we come across now?


I always say authenticity is the best way forward because of the principle of like attracting like.  Okay but how - and what - and who?


The easiest way to position yourself for the long haul is by values.  Regardless of what is happening externally in your life (personally, nationally, politically, globally) you can share your values and write around them.


People do business with people they like and who give them something they need - whether it's a need to feel heard, comfortable, safe, invigorated, motivated, whatever the heck it is.  Emotional needs are really important even if they are not verbally or consciously stated.

People will come to you and your business for a reason.  The more you express yourself in terms of values, the more people can get to know the real you.  Business social media marketing is essentially a global match making online service between real people who we call providers and clients.

The chemistry part comes from values.

When you do meet a client you've attracted via social media, you're way more likely to match up because you've already been the real you online and you "click" more quickly in person.  This is why surface level marketing just sounds phoney and fake.

Businesses who stay strong on values – whatever those values are – loyalty, integrity, innovation, adaptability, whatever marks you out as being you – that is unlikely to change significantly despite external stuff changing, so if you're going to re-purpose content for your blog or website, make sure you have plenty of evergreen values based content to share.

Regardless of all the external changes that come and go: however many new staff you take on, however many awards you win, whichever events you attend, the magazines you're featured in, whatever courses you do, whatever new certificates you produce and whatever new services you offer, underneath it all, you’re still YOU.

Are YOU re-evaluating what to share publicly at the moment?

Often this exact dilemma is why clients approach me, to help them with creating messages that feel like a good representation of what they truly want to communicate online about themselves and their business RIGHT NOW.  Not next year, cos we haven't reached that yet.  Not last month, because we are past that now.  But now.  And the more we practice getting in the flow of sharing compelling content, the more easily we can be our authentic selves online.

There is no accident why internet sensations like Gary Vee and Marie Forleo are so popular, because every time they share content you can feel that they are completely in the flow.  They are a walking talking masterclass in authenticity (and high vibe energy!)

To summarise, when developing a social strategy, always keep in mind social media is a long term game.  If in doubt, share content that connects you with your values.

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