Follower management – are you sure you’re following back your biggest supporters?

With so many apps that allow you to see just who does and doesn’t follow you back on various social platforms, it’s essential to have a regular clear up of your social accounts.  This is especially relevant on Twitter and Instagram, to check these three things:

  1. You ARE following back the people who you value
  2. You are NOT wasting your time following accounts that are not a good match for you and your business
  3. Who is following (or not following) you?

There are a few people who I know I am connected with personally, who for whatever reason, are not following me back.  I’m talking about people who are in my life, who message me frequently, people I trust implicitly.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that these people value me as I do them, but as a crude sense check, the fact that they don’t follow me back looks on the surface as though I am not important to them.

You see how this could play out with someone you only vaguely know?

Believe me, I can only say this because I know this has happened a few times with people who do genuinely value me - and because with my Zebra hat on, I'm hyper on top of this kinda stuff.

Think about it.  What signal does it send when you don’t follow someone back, whilst they are liking and engaging with your posts?  Cringe, not a great one, truthfully.

There’s a risk (in all the chaos involved in social media) of losing someone as a warm connection simply because you’re not following them.  When you know a person in real life you also know that they’re just not on top of their social game, but if you don’t know that person, you might mistakenly think they don’t value you.

We all want to be valued, especially by those people who we also value.

There might be someone who you do genuinely value, but because you’re not connecting and engaging with them or following them back, you might be losing out on a warm friendship, networking opportunities or ultimately, business.  This will happen naturally with those accounts that have millions of followers, but I'm talking about smaller ones by far.  Just regular people.

Many people use apps to assess who’s following them (and there are many very good ones available).  Meaning you could be losing out on business simply by not being on top of your account.  That's sad, especially when you put a lot of effort into producing content in the first place.

So I'd like to put it to you: are you able to keep on top of managing your social accounts?

If the answer is no and you need some support tailored to help you, perhaps just a quick clean up and sense check, let me know.  I have lots of simple tools, tricks and techniques to move you forward faster and smarter, leaving you free to do all the meaningful work your business entails.

Rachel :) Just send me a message if you feel you'd benefit from some help xx