NEW - Social Media Audit £49

Introducing a new Social Media Service especially designed for small businesses to give you personalised, detailed insight and feedback on your current social media profiles.

You can choose up to three profiles for me to analyse and give feedback on (must be same brand, person or company).

This overview is great for giving you an objective, professional overview of your social media accounts and priced to be totally affordable for small businesses, entrepreneurs, authors, therapists, trainers and freelancers.  The kinds of people who really need to make it work on social media but don't have a lot of spare cash.

Everyone has an area that feels a bit difficult, or doesn’t seem to be working for them online.  I’ve developed this mini social media audit based on four years experience working with many clients in a range of industries, sizes and types.  My focus is to help YOU in the smartest most effective way possible by giving you tailored advice.

This service can be done online, you don’t even need to speak to me for all you fans of social media and email!  Simply email me with the accounts you want me to look over (up to 3 platforms but only one company or brand).  Payment required via PayPal before work commences.

What you’ll get:
Written feedback report sent to you by email, giving areas of strength and areas for improvement
Top 3 immediate action areas to focus on.

The areas I will look at:
Comments on overall sense, impression and effectiveness
Use of language, tone and voice
Strategic mix of content
Frequency of posts
Use of hashtags
Follower numbers and profiles

To book your personalised Mini Social Media Audit, please email me at and request the "Social Media Mini Audit" along with the accounts you'd like me to look at.  Once payment is received I will do the work (fast turnaround but please email me first as I might not always be able to do same day turnaround).

Any questions, let me know at 

How to make it work on social media with one big piece of content per month

The number one thing I hear clients and entrepreneurs complain about is their lack of time to create social media posts.  They KNOW they should be on social media and posting regularly to make a difference, but it's truly hard to create that much content 

So here's an idea to play with...
Rather than straining your brain to think of lots of little bits of content to promote your business or services on social media, try creating ONE BIG piece of content every 4-6 weeks.
From this content, you can use portions of your writing or photos to link back to your bigger piece. A blog post or video for example.
From this you can pinch little bits to create snippets that will form the bulk of your social media posts.
Your smaller snippets of content link back to your larger piece of content, keeping things consistent across all your social channels.
Additionally, it means you have only needed to create ONE piece of content, saving you time.  And since you’re the subject specialist, it will be perhaps easier to create more rather than less content.
If you use scheduling software to set up your social posts, such as Hootsuite, you can simply copy and paste quotes from your bigger piece of content and share them throughout your other social sites, meaning more reach for your content.

If you'd like help creating content or with any aspect of your current social media efforts, I have some space from mid July onward for 1 to 1 support, so do get in touch if you'd like to book some support!