Just what does a Social Media Manager do?

It’s a growth area of employment for sure, but what exactly does a Social Media Manager do?  Here is a list of the sample activities a Social Media Manager for a small to medium sized business takes care of every day. You can see how the hours involved in all this soon add up…

·        Writing a fresh original social media content every day

·        Scheduling sufficient posts to hit your followers’ accounts at the optimum times without going overboard and turning them off

·        Responding to comments and interactions by your followers and connections

·        Gathering relevant followers and connections for your platforms (potential customers or ones that support the business in another way)

·        Blog writing, scheduling & posting via suitable platforms

·        Did I mention that the blog writing needs to be search engine optimised and error-free?

·        Interacting with connections and followers, adding a personal touch (“engagement”)

·        Ensuring you always communicate with the same ’voice’ for your brand so as not to confuse followers nor damage your brand

·        Content curation (finding and re-posting others’ great content)

·        Handling customer feedback and complaints in a sensitive, timely manner

·        Using analytical tools to monitor your accounts, taking decisions where necessary and making timely and appropriate changes

·        Ensure that all of the above is done according to your company’s social media strategy whilst ensuring total compliance with your brand’s reputation

·        Keeping up with the latest industry trends in the ever-changing world of social media

Are you tired just reading the above list?

The reality is that many companies just can’t afford the time or the expertise to do all of the above in-house properly and need some help.  Unsure where to go for help, many social media accounts sit there unloved with the occasional retweet or proud company boast that goes un-liked, un-shared un-favourited or un-retweeted.

What steps can you take to implement your Business Social Media Strategy?

1.      Hire someone experienced to deal with it. But then there’s recruitment time and cost and then the awkwardness if they do a job that’s not that great. Cringe.

2.      Get one of your existing employees to do it.  But can they write?  Are you confident they know what your audience needs and wants?

3.      Get clued up with some of the great books, newsletters, tips and videos out there (you already know, don’t you, that there are million out there) and there are loads available.  That’s 3 weeks of your life gone.  Don’t forget you have a business to run.

4.      You could take up a social media managed service – where a freelancer or specialist company helps you out with as much or as little of your social media content and interaction as you need. It might just be writing you a set of tweets to last you the next couple of months and setting them up as an automated service, or it might be managing the whole shebang.  Your call.  You can always take over the reins at a later date.


5.      You could get some company training on social media.  With a hands-on practical training day, bring your key employees and have a day’s training to get clued up with some practical tips on where you’re headed with your social media.  There’s nothing like brainstorming with the most important folk in your business to get the creative juices flowing.  These away days are ultra-valuable.

Want to find out more?

If you’re considering outsourcing your social media management, and would like to discuss in more detail what it involves, please just drop me an email to arrange a no obligation discussion. I understand it can be hard to let someone else take control of your social media messages – what you’re looking for is someone you can trust to take away the strain and work as your partner.  Outsourcing can be much quicker and easier to implement than employing someone and if you really need someone to get on board quickly, I can get started as soon as we’ve agreed on your social media strategy and direction (and got the paperwork out of the way!)

Please note, I never aim to ‘take social media off you’ but to help you, add value to your business and make your life easier.  I am experienced in business writing, content writing, content curation and regularly use a variety of helpful social media tools to get your business where you want it to be as quickly and effectively as possible with your reputation growing as we progress.


Disclaimer: What I DON’T do is guarantee you 10,000 followers inside one week for 5 dollars.  There are a million (maybe more!) people out there who do, so please feel free to check them out.  This is not my cup of tea at all.  I’m all about professional business communication. Just wanted to set that straight. Thanks for reading!