One to One Consultancy

Whether you want to get your social media set up and off the ground or whether you have an established presence but are not seeing the desired results, one to one consultancy can provide a much needed boost.

Whilst there are millions of articles online that may help you, your most valuable resource,  time, will be sucked up with efforts that may or may not work.

If you would rather have the support of a real person to bounce ideas around and to get a workable strategy in place, using a consultant with business acumen and current industry experience can prove the fastest way to get ahead.

Rachel provides consultancy sessions as required in person or via Skype.  Consultancy includes a brief written report on discussion topics and advice with SMART targets to achieve realistic outcomes.

Your first consultation is free for 15 minutes.

Click here to book your free confidential social media consultation.



SUPPORT When you need it

Purchase 1 hour of my time. You can use this by telephone or Skype. 

You purchase this in advance then book a slot for a consultation. You can either use it for a full hour long consultation or in smaller slots. 

It's easy and fair.  You use 10 minutes, you have 50 left.  My time just reduces as you use it up.  No nasty bills at the end.  I know small businesses (big ones too) like to control costs.

Call 07544461914 to book a consultation session