About Zebra

I founded Zebra Consulting Group in 2015 in part for lifestyle reasons as a busy single mum, and partly because after 10 years in teaching Business & IT, I was excited by the rapid pace of growth in social media.  I wanted to be part of it!

With an MSc degree in New Technology and E-learning I was sold on the potential of 
social media and online marketing to completely revolutionise the world of work.  I’m still excited about the prospect of levelling the playing field of who can do and say what in a global audience.

Rachel Sutcliffe, Managing Director

I believe in the following values:

1.     Quality over quantity.  The size of your online following does not correlate to your profitability.  Engage with a meaningful audience who feel like your kind of people.  Playing a numbers game only serves to massage the ego of the (often male dominated) board.  I am not in that business.

2.     Celebrating Uniqueness.  I prefer to work with business that are highly individual – ground breakers, new thinkers, innovators, champions of the new.

3.     Authenticity in online communication.  Our life’s work centres on who we are and what we make of our lives, thus authenticity is not an easy process, less still communicating that to an online public audience.  Since like attracts like, authenticity is the aim.  I can help you become more yourself online.

The corporate arm of Zebra deals with emerging and immersive technologies, digital transformation and digital marketing.  Find out more about Services for corporate clients here.

The private clients I help on a one to one basis tend to be characterised by futuristic thinking, uniqueness, innovation, strength, passion and desire to do things differently in a world often saturated with the same messages.  I offer blended services to help at the point of need, whether that’s with strategic advice, content creation or coaching to help you find your true authentic online voice that feels right.  Find out more about the people I work with and whether we’d be a good fit here: Typical One to One Clients

If you think you’d benefit from help with any aspect of your social media and you feel I could be the right person to help you, you can contact me on any of the social media platforms or directly by emailing rachel@zebraconsultinggroup.co.uk