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The time often comes when we all get stuck, jaded or in a rut with our business or personal social media.  We start to question our own efforts with statements like:

  •          Why am I bothering?
  •          My messages don’t fit where I am right now
  •          How do I grow my audience?
  •          I’m working hard and not seeing results
  •          I can't manage the volume of work this is generating
  •          I achieved my objectives. Now what do I do?

These and a thousand more questions and observations commonly tumble from our lips.  Whichever point you’re at, it often helps to bounce ideas off another person.  It’s hard to always keep things fresh and to know the best way to manage your social media as your business grows and changes.  Messages and calls to action that were relevant 6 months ago may not fit your current business status.

When you feel like that, having a 30 minute conversation to mull over the issues can really inject a fresh energy and impetus into your social media efforts.


  • Renewed energy for moving forward 
  • Clarity on your direction 
  • Clearer understanding of current blocks or issues 
  • Manage your social media more easily 
  • Tips on improving content 
  • All advice tailored to your business
  • Save time and money
  • Focus on tailoring solutions to fit YOU!

How it works 
  • Consultation via Skype for 30 or 60 minutes, your choice
  • Includes focused brief written report on discussion topics with action points 

There's no need to wait

To book your confidential social media consultation just email me at

First I’ll collect some information via email to assess your needs and see how we can best make the most of my time and your money.

Once we've both confirmed we want to go ahead, please secure your booking by paying via PayPal.

I very much look forward to speaking with you and helping you to achieve clarity in your social media and digital marketing.