Social Media Training

You can contact me by email to request a conversation about social media classroom training for your organisation anywhere in the UK.

Social Media is ever changing and fast growing: as such it's a challenge to keep up with what you should be doing and where to find out how.  The whole thing can become mind boggling.

There's a place for eLearning - I even have a Masters in it!  We're all increasingly online learners. But there is also no denying that learning via face to face discussion is also a key ingredient for successful learning, whether that's a one to one session or group learning in a traditional classroom setting.

Rachel Sutcliffe
Founder and Owner of Zebra Consulting Group
I'm a qualified Lecturer with a PGCE in post compulsory education i.e. over 16's.  I've been teaching in further and higher education for 12 years and have plenty of experience delivering training in the private and public sectors, such as on open courses for Tyro Training and for East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Connecting for Nature Biodiversity Partnership, North Yorkshire.
Working with existing training companies: if your clients are asking for social media training and you want to provide it in-house, let me know - I often get hired out on half or full day training courses to teach across the range of platforms or intensive sessions on one platform.  Training materials are updated regularly and often designed from scratch to suit the audience, to ensure your training is relevant, guided by real examples and backed by research and current thought leadership.
Teaching methods are varied and proven to work with a focus on practical, business-oriented outcomes and effective assessment strategies built in.  Training often includes in-session fixes and consultancy.  I  always conduct a pre-training consultation to make sure you get the most out of the session.
Choose from on-site corporate training in the comfort of your own workplace or training courses can be arranged at different external venues, if you and your team want to get out of the office.
Zebra has been on the preferred training supplier list for various council and regional development funded projects throughout Yorkshire.


Please get in touch via the contact page if you'd like to have a discussion on classroom training for your business whether that's in social media or another business or management area.  You can also contact me for training in a range of business and management topics: Communication Skills, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Leadership, Effective Team-Working and Change Management.  Rachel has experience in delivering on the Institute of Leaership and Management (ILM).


All training is delivered personally by me, Rachel Sutcliffe. I have delivered training on behalf of  private training providers and consultancies as well as currently being a lecturer at Coventry University in Scarborough.  I've been delivering IT training and teaching for almost 20 years in both the private and public sectors.  My LinkedIn profile and experience can be accessed here.


  • Small groups to maximize the individual attention you receive
  • Hands on support during the session enabling quick fixes where appropriate
  • Variety of tried and trusted teaching methods used
  • All the latest industry knowledge and advice
  • Follow up support available where required